Walking for health

Walking for health

Walking is a great way to improve physical fitness and get rid of extra pounds. This type of activity is especially recommends for those who have not actively moved for […]

eat for strength

What to eat for strength & endurance

Nutrition is one of the most overcomplicated, confusing and even feared areas for people to address when aiming to improve their physical and mental state – and in all honesty, […]

Enjoy your life

3 ways to slow down for enjoy your life

The older we become, then faster the time runs out. Distortion of perception: we always remember what we do for the first time. First kiss, first sex, first day on […]


Salzburg as it see by tourists

You know only about Salzburg festivals? Not enough! During the vacations in the famous Getrayde-Gasse lane, at the house where the great Mozart was born, at the expensive Salzburg clothing […]

Pumpkin Dessert

Top 5 pumpkin desserts

Pumpkin deservedly located in the center of the autumn and winter table – it is useful and nutritious. Of course you can eat it fresh. But how many surprisingly tasty […]

orange chips recipe

How to cook orange chips

Oranges are available to us all year round, but only in winter they are the most delicious and budget.  Orange chips are preparing for various reasons: someone loves a tasty […]

what to eat after workout

What to eat after training?

In order for any workouts to be effective and bring a positive result, you also need to eat right, and you must know for sure what you should eat after […]

About pair fitness

What is fitness with a partner?

There are a lot types of fitness now. And if you suddenly decide to go in for sports, you will be able to choose for what you really interest in […]

South Korea - country of of morning freshness

South Korea – country of morning freshness

South Korea. Something interesting.   South Korea is a country with first-class beach and ski resorts. Seoul, the capital of Korea, is one of the largest urban agglomerations in the […]