Walking for health

Walking is a great way to improve physical fitness and get rid of extra pounds. This type of activity is especially recommends for those who have not actively moved for a long time.

Despite the fact that the consumption of calories per minute of walking is not high, due to the duration of exercise, the body burns much more calories than with a more intense, but short load. A walk will help burn 200-300 calories per hour, depending on the pace.

The walk should not become intense physical activity, you can decide what distance and at what pace you can overcome. Each of us can walk without special training and equipment. Regardless of the season, weather conditions and temperature.

Walk burn 200 calories

It is will be enough to get dress, shoes sports shoes and move forward. You can walk anywhere and at any time. On the way to work, you can leave the car away from the office or go a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. Another idea is to have afternoon or evening walks with family or friends in city parks and squares.

Make a plan

You can also develop a training plan based on walking. Start with a daily half-hour walk at a free pace, on level ground. After two weeks, gradually increase the duration of the distance and the walking speed. Ultimately, the walk should last at least an hour, be energetic, resilient, fast enough and without interruptions, while maintaining an even pace.

Connect your friends

We go freely, the back should be straight, the shoulder blades are flattened, the abdominal muscles are tense. Do not forget about breathing – we inhale with the nose in the rhythm of 3-4 steps, exhale through the mouth at the same pace.

If you are bored while walking, you can connect your friends or family members to a common, active pastime in this way. You can also bring along a player with music or audio books. In addition, you can combine with other exercises, such as leg kicks, bends, body turns, and squats.

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