Banksy releases video shredding of picture “Girl with a balloon”

The artist reveal the secret how the picture was shredded after sale.


Artist Banksy, a picture of which “The Girl with a Balloon,” self-destructed after the end of bidding at the auction, published a video in which he showed details of its destruction. The link to the video was published on an Instagram page, which is considered to be the only authentic artist account on social networks.

In the caption to the video, he wrote: “Some people think it didn’t really shred. It did.
Some people think the auction house were in on it, they weren’t.”



In the video you can see the process of installing a hidden shredder in the frame, which was placed there in case of selling a picture at auction. The video also shows how someone who shot first-person trades presses the start button of the shredder after the auction ends. It is also noticeable that the representatives of the auction house, as well as the buyers, are confused.

In addition, the artist admitted that the picture had to be cut completely, and showed footage from the “rehearsals” of the cut. However, during the bidding mechanism did not work to the end, so the picture was cut only to half.

Later it became known that the buyer of the painting, which acquired it for 1.4 million dollars, decided not cancel the transaction. The picture received a new name: “Love in the trash can.”