3 ways to slow down for enjoy your life

The older we become, then faster the time runs out. Distortion of perception: we always remember what we do for the first time.

First kiss, first sex, first day on new job. Repeating the action turns it into a routine, and the 21st kiss is no longer remembered. How huge was the summer in childhood, just infinite, but now did not have time to blur on May 31, opened his eyes – already on September 1.

3 ways to slow down for enjoy your life:

1. Awareness

Suppose you cook an egg. Boiled water and suddenly there is a moment in which you can quickly and free of charge supply yourself with energy. These two minutes, as a rule, last forever.

Why? Because you suddenly become an observer and, like Buddha, look at the water, not noticing anything around. After transferring this experience to all surrounding reality, you can precisely stop this time: look carefully at people who meet you during the day, breathe the air to full breasts and notice different odors, enjoy them, reject them, pay attention to the colors, shades, texture touch objects, remember feelings, thoughts, emotions.

Don’t do anything on autopilot. Make it like a kid – wipe your eyes and try to see the world as if you see it for the first time.

2. What was good?

Before going to sleep instead of plunge into the flow of anxious and depressed thoughts about the future or the suffering of a long time past, strain and remember (or rather, relax and remember) that good happened to you today.

It does not necessarily have to be significant events, any small thing will be useful. The main thing is to carefully list everything that happened in the morning: how delicious was the freshly brewed coffee, how quickly came the taxi.

How beautiful were the acorns and little pink apples lay on the ground, as you absolutely accidentally saw a familiar inscription on an unfamiliar wall, as a beautiful blonde smiled to you, as you met a horse named Unicorn, as you were rejoicing because the sculpture of the lion turned back to the roof of the house, in which the ornament of the still-frozen hemp’s inflorescence.

In general, it’s only 40 minutes in the morning, and you can spend a whole day in your head for quite a long time and re-experience all the joyous moments. Sad – Ignore. Remember – you should enjoy your life.

3. Write down

Keep a diary is a truly magical thing. Try at least once to describe one day of your life in the smallest details. Write by hand is important. What did you dream about and what did you eat for lunch, how did you choose clothes for today and why you chose it exactly, from where do you have all these things?

In what shops did you go along the road and buy what you went to work and what they did, write down why you work there, what inspires you and what is annoying in your profession. With whom of your friends did you correspond today and who discussed what you wanted to say and what did not say, did you call your parents or children how they, by the way, are doing?

Who did you kiss at bedtime, and who would you like to kiss in reality? What is your bed linen and why do you rarely sleep naked? Write, fix, feel. You will see that your day was huge. Almost like summer in childhood. We just have to learn to notice it.

Enjoy your life and you will see that everything around you is become much better.