High prices on iPhone XS and XS Max have increased the popularity of older models

Despite the high demand for the iPhone XS and XS Max, observed in many countries around the world, many consumers still consider their price extremely high. And therefore prefer earlier and more affordable iPhone models.

Reports about it Financial Review referring to research of analysts of a site of comparisons WhistleOut. Analysts studied the information of more than half a million consumers from Australia and the USA and made a very unexpected conclusion.


Iphone models


Without the ability or desire to buy an iPhone at a price of $1000, consumers that need a new smartphone bring a record sales of devices from previous years. As can be seen in the diagram, demand for iPhones, which came out a year or more ago, after the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max, went up sharply, reaching record level over the past few years.


IphoneXS diagram


“When we began to study in detail the situation on the market, we found that, although consumer interest in the iPhone XS and XS Max is extremely high, the share of older models was much higher than that of new ones”  – said Joe Hanlon, publisher of WhistleOut. “We suspect that the reason for such demand for previous generations of iPhones was the prohibitively high price of 2018 model year devices.”


If in 2016, 24% of all consumers owned the current generation iPhone compared to 10% of those who used the iPhone of previous years, then today the ratio is 22/16. At the same time, 22 is the percentage owning the old model, and 16 is the new one. This is an absolutely unprecedented phenomenon, which began last year in the United States and now runs the risk of becoming a long-term trend and spreading to all countries.


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