Salzburg as it see by tourists

You know only about Salzburg festivals? Not enough!

During the vacations in the famous Getrayde-Gasse lane, at the house where the great Mozart was born, at the expensive Salzburg clothing stores and souvenir stalls – crowds of people.

Rare lucky ones manage to take places in the famous cafe “Tomaselli”. From here there is a magnificent view of the city. The domes and towers above the old burgher houses, palaces and parks framed by green hills. Rises above all this harsh fortress Hohensalzburg.

And of course, the sights everywhere advertised in every guidebook: the cathedral and the church of Sts. Petra, Franciscan Church, Residenzplatz square and chimes, Mirabell Palace, Mozart’s house, Trinity Church, Town Hall, Toy Museum. Also you can see unique “House of Nature” with a huge collection of rare books and the Karolino Augusteum Museum on the same street, which includes Spitzweg’s painting “Sunday Walk”, an amazing 5th century Celtic vessel BC. and other.

Outside the city, in Helbrun, there is a palace, a huge zoo and cascades flow. Spectacular pictures open from the Winkler cafe on one side of the Mönchsberg mountain and from the fortress on the other.

A big impression making a cable car ride to the nearby Untersberg mountain (1853 m). Salzburg, where celebrities from all over the world come to annual festivals, is considere an expensive city. However, this does not always apply to gastronomy: in a respectable old “Sternbroy” you can safely order a weighty portion of goulash with scrambled eggs and dumplings.

Traveling to Salzburg is a great idea to spent your vacation. Before we talk about Restless Madrid