South Korea – country of morning freshness

South Korea. Something interesting.


South Korea is a country with first-class beach and ski resorts. Seoul, the capital of Korea, is one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world. Everywhere in the city there is the Internet, and it’s free. Korea is famous for its favorable climate. In the summer, it is heat, the freshness is felt only in the morning, and in winter the temperature does not drop below seven degrees of heat, snow almost does not happen.

Koreans have a peculiar relation to the state language and religion. For people who don’t speak Korean, even if they are foreigners, they are put as empty. At the same time there are many courses on the study of the state language. Without the knowledge of the Korean language, citizenship is not possible.¬†Even signboards in foreign languages are forbidden here.


Seoul at the early morning


However, if the state language is of particular gravity, then the choice of religion in Korea is complete freedom. The government does not prohibit Christianity. The city of Seoul, with a population of 11 million inhabitants, is 40% composed of Christians. Here are ten of the twenty largest Christian communities in the world.

There is another feature: the state is very helpful for young families. The fact is that the country is rapidly aging: young Koreans don’t hurry to marry and give birth to children. All of them are busy in their careers and travels. Modern women do not marry at all before in forty years. And this is not the limit. In order to stimulate young people, the state supports interethnic marriages, and a program to ensure their housing. Korea is a small state. Apartments are expensive here, only millionaires can afford a house, and they are not so many (about 3% of the population).


South Korea work a lot


Koreans are extremely hardworking people. The average working day lasts about 10 hours, the weekend is Sunday. Full leave is not offered at all, except for a week or two, which people can use for rest. In addition, two more public holidays are celebrated: the New Year by the lunar calendar and the autumn festival.

South Korea has one of the highest levels of medical care. Treatment is available to everyone. Its cost is 20-60% lower than in Europe and the USA. With honor and respect, Koreans relate to the elderly. Even if the person is older than you only for a year, you should apply to her for “You”, listen carefully, give a hand. That is why, at the first acquaintance, the Koreans always ask the interlocutor about his age. The most respected elderly women.

And here very fond for children. In public places, little children can make anything they want. No one makes comments when the kid is capricious. But schoolchildren are brought up strictly. They are from the first class who adjust to the fact that you must gnaw granite science, otherwise you will not achieve anything, you will not find a high-paying job. Koreans are very fond of toilet humor. In Seoul, there is even a park where monuments – a variety of toilets. In confectionery shops sell specific cakes in the form of feces. Such is from an interesting country, Korea.


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